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  1. E-51(A-198) epoxy resin--liquid epoxy resin

  2. 2316B hardener

  3. H-113 Hardener of Epoxy Resin

  4. Epoxy Resin Promoter K-54

  5. Solid epoxy resin 0191 0191S 0194 0195 --solid epoxy resin

First, epoxy resin Potting:

  1. Room temperature curing type 9000A/113B------- Potting black, used in electronic modules, such as ordinary potting ignition;

  2. Medium Temperature Curing Epoxy Resin Potting 9000A/9000B------ black, and so on for the potting of electronic modules;

  3. Room temperature curing epoxy resin type flame-retardant flame-retardant plastic 9000A-1/113B-----, black for the potting of electronic modules;

  4. Temperature curing epoxy resin type flame retardant plastic 9000A-1/9000B----, black for the potting of electronic modules, medium temperature curing;

  5. High-performance epoxy resin potting compound black 6062A/B---------- for the filter, pixels, etc.;

  6. 9002GA-28T/9002GB-3 MSDS [doc]

  7. Epoxy Epoxy Globoidal glue 1035-1A/1035B------------jewelry, crafts, PCB board dedicated Globoidal glue;

  8. Epoxy Casting Resin 9002GA-3/GB-3----suitable for Fly Back Transformer (FBT)

  9. At room temperature hardening plastic electronic confidentiality \ modules confidentiality plastic \ plastic chips confidentiality 904-1A/-1B

  10. Sales: flexible high-performance epoxy resin AB glue

  11. 9002GA-3/9002GB-3 Epoxy Resin and Curing Agent potting materials suitable for FBT and  Motor Ignition. (including MSDS)

  12. Epoxy Casting Resin A-198/2316B

  13. All product abou Cast of high voltage electronic parts and others

  14. Epoxy Casting Resin 9000A/H-120B

Automobile ignition coil with epoxy potting compound (Potting); cast dry-type transformers with epoxy glue:

  1. High temperature epoxy adhesive 9600A/B--Black, high temperature, such as for automotive ignition of potting

  2. Sales: auto ignition coil special epoxy potting compound (Potting) 9600QA/9600QB

    9600QAQB-MSDS-english DOC

  3. Cast dry-type transformers with epoxy glue (potting compound) 9600GA/GB
  4. 5217RA(epoxy resin)/5217B(handener) suitable for Read Rotor

Photovoltaic components Potting with epoxy resin and silicone rubber potting:

  1. Solar energy converters dedicated Potting of high thermal conductivity 87-3A/87-3B (epoxy type)
  2. PV Junction Box Components (Junction Box) Bicomponent special modified silicone thermal Potting 87-SA/87-SB (silicone rubber type)
  3. Sales: blades of wind power production of epoxy resin potting material (castable) 9609A/BLight blue, good liquidity, operational, and the products to be flexible, and high mechanical strength, Tg and other characteristics of high temperature, the wind leaves wheel manufacturers use the most safe, stable and reliable material of choice
  4. WL-800A/800B light-emitting diode (LED) ----------- epoxy glue or white LED for high-end shape of the casting;

  5. WL-800MA/800MB light-emitting diode (LED) ----------- For middle and low or non-ferrous casting forming the LED

  6. WL-700A/B Epoxy Resin

  7. Sales: high transparent epoxy adhesive 1035A / B (for the backlight source \ LED lights article)

(RTV.  Silicon Rubber Series Adhesives)

WL-2001 circuit board dedicated plastic insulation package (PCB )------------ three anti-adhesive transparent colorless liquid flows, PC boards, such as the surface of insulating coating

  1. DMP-30(K-54) --------------- promote tertiary amine type curing agent;

  2. H-113 epoxy curing agent at room temperature epoxy curing agent ------;
    Sales: low-temperature fast-curing agent FS-1B

  3. BDMA accelerator -------------- anhydride catalytic tertiary amine-type promoter

  4.  trimethylol propane triglycidyl ether----------mainly used as epoxy diluter.

  5. Sales: Neopentyl glycol diglycidyl ether (epoxy diluent D-678)-------High-grade epoxy resin reactive diluent

  6. Sales:1,4Butanediol diglycidyl ether (epoxy diluent D-750 that gas companies EPODIL 750) - Flexible epoxy reactive diluent

  7. Polypropylene glycol diglycidyl ether (epoxy diluent D-1217 )---- activity flexibilizer flexible epoxy resin, toughening effect better than the D-410

  8. Glycol diglycidyl ether (epoxy diluent D-669 )----- Flexible epoxy reactive diluent

  9. Benzyl glycidyl ether (epoxy diluent D-921 )------ colorless, transparent for the low viscosity epoxy

  10. Sales:Butyl ether (epoxy diluent D-501, BGE )---- (butoxymethyl)-Oxirane;Butyl epoxy propyl ether 660;1-butoxy-2,3-epoxy-propan;1-butoxy-2,3-epoxypropane;2,3-epoxypropyl butyl ether;3-butoxy-1,2-epoxypropane;ageflex bge;bge;butoxymethyloxirane;butyl 2,3-epoxy propyl ether

  11. Sales: fatty ether (epoxy diluent D-1214)-------Common diluent ofEpoxy Floor(fatty ether)

  12. Sales: phenyl glycidyl ether (epoxy diluent 690)

  13. 1,6-Hexanediol diglycidyl ether

  14. Methylhexahydrophthalic Anhydride H-317

  15. H-316,Methy1-tetrahydrophalic anhydride-----Anhydride curing agent


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